Fetal Positioning Clinic

we Help Pregnant women Achieve easier birthing through optimal fetal positioning

Let's do what we can to get your baby into an optimal position for pregnancy and birthing. We got tired of long labors, trying to turn babies when it was too late, and seeing end up with cesareans when they really desired to do everything for physiologic birthing. 

This workshop is for you! It's one of a kind and we hope to help some mamas have easier births and flip some breech babies! Don't wait until it's too late! Join us for this unique clinic when you're 30-36weeks!*

Hosted by

Crystal Bailey CNM

Nurse Midwife & Naturopath

I've attended births as a midwife for over 15 years, and I am passionate about understanding how to help babies get here gently and make birth empowering for women.

Mary is my birth assistant and doula partner.  She's a wealth of knowledge about which circuits, and in what order, we do to move a baby based on it's current position. As a former YMCA exercise instructor, she gets her workout on with the mommas demonstrating what to do and she's excited to show you daily activities to optimize your baby's position! 

Mary Hanks

Doula, Homebirth assistant, Guru in fetal position-influencing activities

We hope to hold this clinic monthly, so share the word and send us the mamas!

Register & pay online to reserve a spot. Limited to 10 attendees. $95

Date &Time:

 April 15 @ 9-11am 

Tentative Schedule for next one: 6/27

What will the clinic include?

This clinic includes a private assessment with the midwife and a group class teaching you how to implement the activities we recommend to you. 

First hour: "Daily activities" circuits in Preg Massage Center yoga room, facilitated by Mary, and go one-by-one to Wild Herb office down the hall for fetal positioning assessment with Crystal

Second hour: Group education & learning how to work with your body type & your baby's position


We will use an ultrasound to confirm fetal position and hands-on palpation techniques to assess tone, restriction, fluid, descent, fetal head flexion, etc.

Education & Activities

You'll receive a handout of activities specific to your uterine assessment and baby position. In a group session, we will teach about fetal positioning and the activities to do at home.

Optional Uterine Massage

If we find your baby to be breech, you can stay after for 1-on-1 time with Crystal for traditional Midwifery Uterine Massage that focuses on getting baby head down. ($45 fee)

Who is this workshop for?

Pregnant mamas in third trimester

30-36wk is the best time to work on fetal positioning. However, we are open to later gestation... we are just encouraging you to do this work before the patterns in your body are resistant to change or there is not enough fluid. Babies often don't get head down before 30 weeks, so we don't want you to stress if you come before then and baby is breech. 

Tip: If you are before 30wks, go follow @bodyreadymethod because she has the best videos of the types of advice we'll be giving.


321 W. Hill St, Decatur GA 30030

We'll be using the Wild Herb clinic room and the Pregnancy Massage Center yoga studio. If you enter in the front of the building, come downstairs to the lower level. If you park in the back, enter under the veranda where you see the Pregnancy Massage Center sign. We'll be using the yoga room that's second on the right, and the Wild Herb Women's Wellness office further down the hall. 

What to wear

Wear comfortable clothing where you can expose your belly and be active, ex. tshirt and leggings.

Examples of fetal positioning exercises we will be teaching

We love the SLR because it opens the hips and pelvis, allowing descent and rotation.

sidelying release

We implement different hip movements- like scooting, hydro-hipsway,  etc- to engage a baby.

Asymmetric Hip movements

In some cases we want to disengage the baby, or create movement and release, so we use the rebozo. 


We recommend movements that release tension and create pelvic openness. We'll recommend some circuits.

circuits of movements

Example handouts

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