You can join us for your health journey in these ways

We can help you with women's health clinical services, coaching and nutrition consults.

Are you wanting a wellness visit, like an annual exam?

Do you know you're ready for a consult and care plan so you can see change in your health?

Is your nutrition not optimized and you want to address your health through food?

Explore our services on this website and the booking pages, or schedule a call.

Annual women's  or TEEN wellness VIsit

Wellness visit

Interested in a visit with us that approaches your health from a wellness perspective?

The Wellness visit lets us focus on some key areas of your health and talk about what would be a good focus for you this year.

Complete exam, labs & pap optional.

Book on our online PORTAL

work on a health issue, Hormones or fertility

Enroll in our team care model

We can work together on the root causes of your symptoms. 

At WILD HERB we deep dive into underlying causes of health, hormone and fertility issues. In order to do this, we start every client's care with a Holistic Intake appointment, labs (if indicated), and then the initial practitioner consult. 

If you're ready to get started, choose a  PACKAGE on our online booking PORTAL.

If you're not sure you're ready for a change process yet, you can choose the "Annual Wellness visit" or the "Holistic Intake visit."

Health coaching

Support to achieve your health goals

We can work together with the health coach in a team model, or you an choose a package to work with Amber directly. 

The health coach will help you target your weekly goals to making the progress needed, whether it is according to a care plan set by a practitioner consult, or whether it is guided by your personal preferences. Amber is ready to help you implement some of our protocols in a strategic way, so feel free to start with Coaching and schedule other types of visits later. 

If you're ready to get started, choose a  COACHING PACKAGE on our online booking PORTAL.


Focus on this foundation of health

Food is the foundation of our health. Optimize your nutrition for your phase of your women's health journey by working with our Registered Dietitian Nutritionist.

You can work directly with her on your personalized needs, or you check out current packages and programs.

We do offer integration of labs and clinical consults in packages. 

Learn more about our functional nutrition services

join a group program

Self-select a program

If you feel ready to work on an area of your health but just need the strategy and motivation, then a group program may be the right fit for you.

Our programs are either scheduled for "start times" in order to have group sessions, or they are built for you to go through at your own pace.

Learn more about PROGRAM offerings and check the EVENTS page to see what's being launched soon.


Attend a special event

When women come together, amazing energy and motivation is shared. 

WILD HERB Workshops are focused on key women's health issues and the benefits we get from herbs, our feminine essence, and knowledge about our body's design. 

Check the EVENTS page for upcoming workshops (we realize we are slow in launching many of our intentions, so you may not see any available, sorry!)

Pregnant? Congrats! We have special services for you.