Newly pregnant and navigating pregnancy?!Here’s some advice and options to help you on this journey.Midwife love, Crystal Free 1st Tri Pregnancy Program Congrats on your pregnancy!There is no “right way” to do things in the first trimester.Here’s some things for you to consider in making a plan for your first trimester care.  establishing careConfirming PregnancyUltrasoundMiscarriageEstablishing

Fibrocystic breasts commonly concern women… but are a common breast tissue structure”Fibrocystic breast changes and fibroadenomas occur in 60% to 90% of all women” Women lumpy breast texture often have what we call “fibrocystic breasts.” It’s not abnormal or a problem, per se, but if this is your breast texture, you may encounter a few concerns: 1.

Have you ever considered whether a diaphragm would work for you? More and more women are interested in non-hormonal birth control methods. One thing that surprised me in my career of helping women with family planning is that these more “natural” methods are really effective! I think they brain wash you when we’re young with fears