Are you ready to embark on a journey of preconception wellness and prepare your body for the beautiful journey of motherhood?

Women often wonder if they should be doing anything prior to conceiving. Have you wondered any of these things?

  • What are the best vitamins to take?
  • Should I be adapting my workouts to prepare to conceive? 
  • What are ways I can make myself and my eggs healthier for my child?
  • Does my cycle mean I'll be able to get pregnant, or are my hormones off?
  • If I get pregnant, when do I start care? 
  • What birth options would I be a candidate to pursue?
  • How can I have the most holistic pregnancy possible?

Wish you had expert guidance on which path of pregnancy care to pursue and access to local practitioner recommendations?

Early Guidance for pregnancy Can improve your outcomes

As an experienced midwife and naturopath, I'm able to support women in all of these areas as they are  starting their journey. In fact, I love the intentionality women are putting into the preparation for pregnancy! Often women come to me already having good foundations and good supplements, but feel the need to connect with someone who can guide them into the beginning steps of choices and options. Other women discover something important during their visit with me that will impact pregnancy and can be worked on before or during early pregnancy in order to prevent problems. It's wonderful being able to share tips that can change the course of pregnancies and birthing. I truly love it and so much experience in this area as a midwife that has worked in OBGYN offices, hospitals, birth centers and now attend homebirth. 

What does a Preconception Planning visit at Wild Herb focus on?

Nurturing Preconception Health:
Let's embark on a journey of nurturing your body and spirit, preparing you for the miracle of motherhood. Through personalized guidance and support, we'll review your pillars of preconception health, ensuring that you're primed and ready to create new life.

Optimizing Your Cycle and Egg Quality:
Together, we'll explore strategies to optimize your menstrual cycle and enhance the quality of your eggs, setting the stage for a successful conception. From lifestyle adjustments to targeted supplements, we'll tailor our approach to meet your unique needs.

Personalized Planning for Pregnancy: Utilizing my knowledge of local practitioners and birth options, I'll personalize a list of recommended options for pregnancy care and supporting practitioners who will be able to guide you to the outcomes you desire.

We pack this hour long visit in with personalized recommendations. It's focus is on deliver highly valuable information and advice to you based on your intake form. Protocols will be sent to you after the visit through the portal. You are welcome to continue the journey together through further visits with myself or the health coach. 

Who is this visit for?

Any woman desiring to conceive!

Your partner is welcome to come because preconception involves them too!

Planning IVF? Pursing single motherhood by choice? Surrogate? Egg freezing?

I'd love to work with you! I have lots of knowledge about all the fertility processes!

If you are looking for fertility help...  

TTC but struggling to conceive? Journeying through infertility? Irregular cycles?

I can work with you best if you book the longer Fertility Consult visit so we can do some naturopathic assessment and more personalized evaluation of your systems points and supplement matching. There's a free Discovery Call where we can talk prior and decide what fits you best. Often clients choose to go deeper and book one of the packages.


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