Have you ever considered whether a diaphragm would work for you?

More and more women are interested in non-hormonal birth control methods. One thing that surprised me in my career of helping women with family planning is that these more "natural" methods are really effective! I think they brain wash you when we're young with fears of failure... but I see as many surprise pregnancies on hormonal birth control as I do natural and barrier methods. 

Therefore, I present to you.... 

The Caya Diaphragm

Caya is a silky smooth piece of silicone that slides up the vagina and sits as a covering over your cervix, preventing sperm from entering. Of course, we know those sperm like to stick around, so there is a second needed element- the spermicide. 

You insert the diaphragm before having sex, so it doesn't interfere during the act of enjoying sex... and we women like our foreplay to build without interruption... so you may find this pre-sex prep lets you relax and enjoy the moment!

The women I see most interested in using a diaphragm:

  • Don't want hormones as birth control
  • Don't need STI prevention
  • Are in tune to their natural cycles and when they ovulate
  • Know where their cervix is and are not afraid to put something up there!

One thing I love about the Caya is that is flexible and created to fit most women. You don't need to be fitted unless you have altered anatomy, like severe prolapse.

You can insert it hours before sex, but if more than 2hrs, or having repeat sex, it is recommended to insert additional spermicide deep in the vagina. 

Leave it in for 6+ hours (no more than 24hrs) after sex. 

It should honestly be available at any drugstore, but in the US you have to purchase it from healthcare providers.

I've made it easy for you to purchase a Caya diaphragm from me online, through my clinic portal.

And, since the education on how to use it is important, as a bonus, you'll get free access to my Natural Family Planning program with it.

I feel like the more you know and are empowered in knowing your body and cycles, the more effective this diaphragm will be as a part of your family planning. 

To purchase a Caya diaphragm, click to be taken to the Wild Herb clinic portal. We're happy to help you get this pretty little diaphragm next to your cervix!

The take home tips about Caya...

  1. Diaphragms are a nice woman-controlled contraception
  2. Caya is the only modern diaphragm available that fits most women and does not need a fit test
  3. If you use NFP and want a second layer of protection in the ovulatory window, then Caya can offer you help preventing pregnancy
  4. Barrier methods are highly effective when used well, but not very effective when not used right, so Caya is best for women who are comfortable with vaginal insertions and spermicide
  5. Ease of insertion depends on experience-- if you've used a menstrual cup, you'd find it easy. If you haven't, then now is the time to learn about your vagina and cervix, if you want!

Talk to your women's health practitioner about your family planning goals and what may be good options for you! But don't let them scare you from getting to know your cycle, using barrier methods, and trusting that non-hormonal birth control works too!